Featured Projects

Amazon ORH-5
Black Rock Country Club
Palmer Motorsports Park
Jet Aviation
Cirrus Apartments
Peebles Elementary School

Within these categories we can highlight featured projects that show the scope of
· Projects: The way the website is currently setup there are several areas where you
can view our projects which, again, makes things redundant.
o Consolidate projects into a master ‘Projects’ tab with a drop downfield that breaks our
projects down into three main categories:’Signature Projects’, ‘Featured Projects’ and
‘Past Projects’.
● Signature Projects: Black Rock Country Club and Whiskey Hill Raceway
o Featured Projects: Choose 4 projects (Hanscom Airbase, Plymouth Amazon (arco),
Cirrus Apartments and Debartolo Warehouse) and give a couple paragraph description of
the work that was done and use 4-6 strong photos. (See DW White Website for reference)
o Past Projects: See J Derenzo website for example of how to highlight past


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